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Most adults look back on their childhood as being the most creative time of their lives. Between creating imaginative scenarios and making kingdoms out of cardboard, children are known for honing in on their creativity and truly being fascinated by the world around them. Sadly, creativity seems to be something that trickles off as children grow older. 

However, what if you were to practice honing your creativity in your adulthood? Would you be surprised to hear you can significantly benefit from tapping into your imagination again? Continue reading to discover why creativity is important in every stage of life.

Numerous Health Benefits

Many individuals do not realize that creativity has a number of health benefits proven by science. Practicing creativity is known to reduce stress, which plays a large factor in heart health and mental health. Letting yourself tap into your imagination, even by a task as simple as drawing, can help stimulate your mind. By regularly practicing activities that engage your mind in this way, you will find yourself being less vulnerable to harmful conditions such as heart disease.

You’ll Be a Better Problem-Solver

As a child, you most likely sharpened your problem-solving skills in a number of creative ways. Let’s say you wanted a cool train set but did not have the financial means to buy it for yourself. Perhaps you gathered together some art supplies or old cardboard and decided to create your own train tracks. By using your imagination and combining it with the resources you had at the moment, you most likely did not realize you were working on your problem-solving skills, which is a set of skills that can actually significantly help you in adulthood. These are skills that look good on any resume and can be beneficial in any career. Begin practicing creativity more frequently, so you can enhance your other skills as well.


Again, when you’re creative, you are most likely using the resources available to you. When you run into a problem, rather than going out and buying something to fix the issue, it could also be beneficial to think of creative solutions. This might take more time, but it will enhance your brain and will cost you less money if you use what is already available to you. In the long run, you will find yourself spending less when you tap into your imagination.

While being creative may look different in your adulthood than it did in your childhood, it is still an important part of your life and a trait you should put effort into.