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William Douvris


William Douvris is an experienced musician with years of recording, writing, and playing experience.

William Douvris was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. From a very young age, Douvris showed an interest in and talent for music, and his parents were quick to respond. When he was just twelve years old, they sent William to the Music Industry Workshop, or MIW. The Music Industry Workshop provided William with the skills to write and record his own music. William even developed an album as a hobby!

William went on to build a recording studio in his basement where Douvris wrote, recorded and sung every song himself. He layered the guitar, drums, base, his own voice and sound  that he mixed himself. 

Which instruments are Douvris most talented at playing? You could venture to say “every” instrument, but specifically, Douvris is a guitar, drums, piano and bass player. William Douvris also uses his singing voice for his music, as he sings all of his own vocals. William picked up drums at age eight, a guitar at age twelve and then piano followed. William Douvris also notes that if you are planning to form a band, a cover band is the way to begin. Douvris did this himself when he formed a Metallica cover band.

The Music Industry Workshop allowed Douvris to hone every aspect of his musical talents. So much so that William was able to release eleven songs on iTunes! Additionally, Douvris has recorded in the same studios as Prince and Kanye West. William Douvris is planning to release another self-recorded album in the near future. On top of that, Douvris was active in a Metallica cover band for many years. Douvris notes that it is best to start out as a cover band as then move on to writing your own songs.

When William Douvris is not engaging in music in some fashion, you can find him committing his time to philanthropic causes. Specifically, Douvris and his family enjoy giving back to The Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Because William’s family is Greek, he grew up being taught the Greek concept of “PH” or “Filotimo.” This is defined as “love of honor,” but can mean many things including giving back to the community. Douvris says that this concept was instilled into him from a very young age, and he consistently saw his parents make philanthropic donations.

William Douvris also grew up watching his family run their own restaurant, and being extremely successful entrepreneurs. This is William’s hope for his future as well! To say that William’s family had a huge impact on him would be an understatement. Keep up with his pursuits here and at!


William Douvris

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